Thursday, 3 March 2016

Day 121: Learning to Sew Electronic Circuits, or a Lesson in STEAM and Stick-to-it·ive·ness

This morning was a great day of learning at Barrie Central Collegiate.  Students had an opportunity to try hacking some of their personal belongings with  electronic circuits.  This included shirts, socks, touques or just pieces of fabric.

Only a handful of students had any experience with hand stitching and even fewer had spent much time building electric circuits. Needless to say progress was slow and frustrations ran high. However, as the period progressed we began witnessing more and more "aha" moments. Students who could barely thread a needle were starting to brighten up their items with colourful LEDs.

Before the class was over, most had a working LED circuit and quite a few where already planning on adding more complexity to their original design.