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Resources You Can Actually Use

A collection of resources created by SCDSB teachers for teachers to support awesomeness in YOUR classroom! 
Use them.
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The Virtual Music Classroom

These video series have been designed specifically to support ANY teacher interested in implementing vocal music, music theory, hand-drumming or Orff instruments into their classrooms.
Our 'Virtual Music Room' series ties directly to expectations in the Ontario Music Curriculum, comes complete with learning goals and success criteria for every video and provides opportunities to embed the 'Creative Process" throughout.

We’d love to see how these videos inspire you! 
Please send us your tweets of music making around your school and be sure to hashtag them with #scdsb.

Arts Integration: Learning Math Through the Arts

A Simcoe County District School Board inquiry group dedicated to exploring and providing resources to help support mathematics through arts integration. 

Click on a channel below to explore practical ways to integrate the arts and math in your classroom. Search by Math Strand (M) or Arts Strand (A) to refine your search.

 BY MATH STRAND:                                         BY ARTS STRAND:

Number Sense & Numeration                            Visual Arts

Measurement                                                     Music

Geometry & Spatial Sense                                 Drama

Data Management & Probability                        Dance


Self-Assessment Tools

Self-assessment is done during learning, when students reflect on the quality of their work, judge the degree to which it reflects explicitly stated goals & criteria, and revise it accordingly.

Click on the link above for some great activities adapted from Gregory, K., C. Cameron and A. Davies. 2011. Knowing What Counts: Self-Assessment and Goal- Setting. Courtenay, B.C.: Connections Publishing.

Numeracy Groove

An AMAZING resource from Groove Edgeucation designed for Junior (4-6) level teachers, that include curriculum connections to Dance and Mathematics, lesson plans for every math strand, musical accompaniment and video demonstrations of a variety of mathematical concepts that can be taught through dance! 
Use these lessons as minds-on or action opportunities in your math lesson, as a DPA activity, or as a way to show the interconnections to mathematical concepts in your dance class.